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Congressman Tom Garrett

Representing the 5th District of Virginia


As your Representative, Tom understands a primary component of his job is to ensure the sovereignty of America's borders remains just that, sovereign. This great nation is one that was proudly founded by immigrants and still today, immigrants are crucial to the success of America. However, living in America and having citizenship is not a fundamental entitlement, it is a privilege. With tax dollars deriving from citizens, and the federal government Constituationally owning responsibility for 'providing for the common defense,' it is essential for Congress to look after the Americans who have invested in their country, keep them safe, and uphold the rule of law by way of legal immigration.

No country can survive if it cannot control its borders. Tom favors tightening our laws and our borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. He also opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. During his tenure in the Virginia General Assembly (GA), Tom led the fight against illegal immigration and the use of taxpayer dollars to reward illegal immigrants who break our laws. In 2015, Tom voted for SB 722, which prevents in-state tuition rates from being extended to illegal aliens. In 2016, the GA passed Tom’s bill, SB 270, that strips funding from sanctuary cities.

Upon passage of that legislation in the Virginia Senate, Tom stated that he would "continue to oppose any benefits, incentives, short-cuts, special programs, or other actions that reward illegal immigrants for breaking the law and thumbing their noses at our nation, our citizens, and our laws.”

Congress must control its borders in order to best serve Americans, and as such, Tom has proposed the E.N.D. Illegal Immigration Plan as a starting point for curbing this epidemic:

E – Erect the Border Wall

N – No Benefits or Employment for Illegal Aliens

D – Defund Sanctuary Cities

If we do these things, we can end the crisis on our Southern Border and protect American workers from lawbreakers undercutting our labor market.