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Congressman Tom Garrett

Representing the 5th District of Virginia


We must return to our free market roots in order to help restore economic prosperity. Combined efforts of special interest loopholes, incentives, subsidies, and unnecessary regulations that manipulate our national economic marketplace have led to a stagnant economy and poor job growth.

As a member of Congress, Tom will work to end subsidies for companies and industries that cannot survive on their own. If they have a product that provides a legitimate good or service that people want to benefit from, they will survive without any help from the taxpayers. Further, we’ve seen time and again how government attempting to pick the winners and loser only ends in disaster. The Obama administration's failed energy subsidies and losses in the billions of dollars from tax payers are evidence enough of that. No government program or czar can match the billions of individual everyday decisions made by our fellow citizens.

Consumers are the finger on the pulse of every industry and product, and the free market always drives innovation for better products that cost less, and are available to more people.

I commend President Trump so far on his desire to put America first in terms of our economy and security. I have long said that our leaders should be looking to help people across the Potomac before looking to help people across the Pacific when it comes to trade, job growth, and economic prosperity - and those are principles that Tom will continue to fight for in Congress.